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Fire Ass Proven Genetics

Look No Further!

If you're in need of clones, we Got you!

We're  spending all the time in finding "The Right ONE" 

from our Garden to Yours.

From the testing, to the hunt, we have spent years on finding "The Right ONE" in our opinion for the Queen to take throne.

We look for Structure, Growth Rate, Stability, Aromas and Stress levels.

All our Cuts are Breeders cut or Phenos we've hunted , which can be seen at our customers grow facility @frostpops420. We will be working with FROSTPOPS and other Growers on delivering elite cuts to your Garden! We took all the work and time to choose what we believe is a winner! When III hunt , we usually pop 50-100 beans of each strain that's next in our line up. We've been growing since 2009 and take the utmost pride in our work. All our cuts whether it’s from a breeder or from our personal garden will not be sold unless we personally grew it ourselves. We took the time away for you!


Will Guarantee One after purchase Cut , if you only have everyday photos and the tag that comes around the stem. Will need proof that the plant actually died. Will not replace cut if tag that comes with it is cut off. I repeat will not be replaced if our tag is cut off!

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